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MEETINGS & EVENTS: Leave the arrangements to us! Having a meeting or event away from home or office in a whole other country, gives you the chance to fully concentrate on the matters at hand.

Plan for the future and have inspired resolutions in a meeting setting far away from the daily distractions of the work environment.

Bring together family and friends from distant locations to an exotic setting to celebrate milestones.

Modern conference and event facilities can be found in island, jungle, coastal and urban settings throughout Belize. And, the vacation planning before and after the event can be included!

RETIREMENT: Come for a vacation, return for a lifetime. Retire to a paradise where the climate is warm, the people are friendly, the government is stable and there is plenty to do (or not to do!) The government of Belize has established a Retired Persons Incentive Program with tax exemptions and other incentives to attract retirees. There are several retirement communities and condominiums developed for the “second home market” throughout the country.







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