Diving and Snorkeling

The enchantment of diving in Belize is found in the pristine marine habitats which nestled within our warm turquoise waters. You will be amazed by our colourful corals in the deep blue sea, ancient turtles, the 185-mile-long Barrier Reef, over 500 species of fish and the Great Blue Hole!

Every snorkel and dive area are different; as you choose to go from one area to the next, you will be sure to see something new, you will be fascinated by our thriving marine diversity.

Places of great diving and snorkeling area include:


Located in the north of Belize and visible from the southeastern shore of Ambergris, the country’s largest caye, Hol Chan and Shark-Ray Alley may be Belize’s most popular dive and snorkel spots. Hol Chan opens to deeper waters beyond the reef, so divers and snorkelers will be greeted with a vast array of vibrant fish, nurse sharks, rays, turtles and the occasional dolphin. Shark Ray Alley’s biggest attraction, of course, are the sharks and stingrays, you’re guaranteed an adrenaline rush seeing the stippled hide of a nurse shark streaking by (but you must never touch). Night dives reveal a completely different world of bioluminescence, glowing green moray eels and parrotfish dozing in protective mucus cocoons.


Also tucked away in northern waters, Caye Caulker is the relaxed cousin to tourist-prone Ambergris. Solid snorkeling and dive sites like Coral Gardens are short boat rides away, as is a manatee habitat. 


Placencia is the perfect place to experience the best of Belize scuba diving and snorkeling. When diving in Placencia, you will notice that dive sites are less crowded and the chances of seeing another dive boat at the same site are slim. Because of this, the dive sites are less impacted from divers which makes the dives more pristine. Snorkelers snorkel off shore with a guide to see the colorful sites of the water and beautiful sea species.

Places in Placencia to Dive & Snorkel:

Laughing Bird Caye is a favorite snorkel spot in the Inner-Reef, however snorkeling at the outer Cayes of the Queen Cayes (Silk Cayes), Pompion Caye, and Ranguana Caye are just as good or even better.