Long Beach: Dive into your next Belize Vacation!

Now in its 32nd year, the Scuba Show was held this past weekend at the Long Beach Convention Center in Long Beach California U.S.A. on May 4 and 5, 2019.  The Belize Hotel Association’s 2nd Vice-President Barbara Hall and Treasurer Rudy Gonzalez represented our membership at this event.

The SCUBA Show has had an average annual attendance of over 10,000 for the last 25 years and these divers are passionate about their sport. Over 300 exhibitors, were present, showcasing their countries, their hotels and their products during the two day event.

Some key statistics gathered about the show visitors were that 54% attended to purchase at the event and 75% were interested in learning about dive destinations to plan their next trip. The Scuba show sees a large attendance from California as well as neighboring states of Arizona, Nevada and Utah. California is considered the largest single diving market segment in the U.S.A.

Most visitors to the Belize Hotel Association booth, were very knowledgeable about Belize and were aware that our country is renowned for  great scuba diving.  Many had been to Belize and wanted to return and some had trips already scheduled to come to Belize this year. Visitors were also very interested in traveling to other parts of the country for mainland adventures, as well as diving the barrier reef in different areas of Belize.

A list of the contacts from the Scuba Show Long Beach will be made available to our BHA members on the members only section of the BHA website where it can be accessed with your username and password.