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Branch Mouth,San Ignacio Town,Cayo

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Midriva is an app for fast and reliable rides that are affordable and available 24/7. There is no more calling drivers, no more waiting in lines, just type your destination you wish to go and drivers will respond shortly after, you can pay with Credit Debit Card or the old fashion way Cash. Whether you travelling alone or with a group to your hotel, there is a Midriva Driver waiting nearby for you. Using Midriva is “easy peasy lemon squeezy” How it Works; Tap on the Midriva App we will automatically know your location unless you need services for elsewhere. Type in your destination or pin on map if street or business is not registered. Select Budget for non-air condition, Economy for Air Conditioning Island/Sportz of Cars on the island and sports/luxury cars on the mainland, Vehicles and Number of passengers then confirm. You will receive a text notification that the driver has dispatched and also see their profile Picture and Vehicle details. After the ride you will be able to star rate your experience and driver combined followed by a receipt, you also earn points that can be redeemed on your next ride. Download the app now and take your first trip today available on Playstore and IOS.

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