Belize Hotel Association Official Accommodation Guide 2023-2024 Photo Competition

Capture the Essence of Belize - Showcasing Belizean Culture and Experiences!

Do you have an eye for photography and a passion for capturing the vibrant spirit of Belize? The Belize Hotel Association invites talented Belizean photographers to participate in our exclusive photo competition for the cover of our esteemed Accommodation Guide for 2023-2024.

Theme: "Belizean Culture and Experiences"

As an organization committed to promoting Belize’s rich cultural heritage and diverse experiences, we seek photographs that portray the heart and soul of Belize. Whether it’s the vibrant Garifuna traditions, the colorful festivities or the mesmerizing landscapes, we want images that encapsulate the authentic essence of this breathtaking country and show persons experiencing one of the above.

Submission Guidelines:

Prizes and Recognition:

The winning photograph will grace the cover of the Belize Hotel Association’s official Accommodation Guide for 2023-2024, reaching a vast audience of travelers, industry professionals, and enthusiasts all around the world. Additionally, select entries will be showcased on our website, or in the guide itself, and social media platforms, with due credit to the respective photographers.


Please ensure that all submissions are sent before September 4th, 2023. Any entries received after this date will not be considered for the competition.

Terms and Conditions:

By participating in the competition, entrants grant the Belize Hotel Association the right to use their submitted images in the Official Accommodation Guide 2023-2024 for, with proper attribution to the photographer.

Participants must ensure that they have obtained all necessary permissions and releases for the use of recognizable individuals or private properties featured in their photographs.

Photographers retain the copyrights to their images. The Belize Hotel Association will not sell or license the images for commercial purposes.

Submit Your Photo Now!

Join us in celebrating the beauty and authenticity of Belize through the lens of your camera. Your photograph could be the one that captures the world’s imagination and entices travelers to explore the wonders of Belize. Let your creativity flow, and together, let’s showcase the best of Belizean culture and experiences!

For questions or comments about the competition Email us or Call us at 223-0369.