BHA excites visitors at the Denver Travel & Adventure Show

The 4th annual Denver Travel and Adventure Show took place on February 22 and 23, 2020 at the Colorado Convention Center. The Belize Hotel Association’s, Director Alina Saldivar and Treasurer, Rudy Gonzalez represented our Members and the country, Belize.


The Denver Travel & Adventure Show is the leading travel marketplace in the Denver area. It is where attendees get great travel story ideas, interview travel experts and show executives on travel trends, and capture amazing photos. It is one of the largest consumer shows in the US and its core focus is on leisure and adventure travel. This year was a huge success, over 20,000 of America’s most avid travelers visited the show to find, plan and book their dream vacation.

Denver is the adventure capital of the USA with a high population of adventure travelers looking for diving, hiking, ziplining, caving, etc. The BHA booth was constantly busy throughout the event with show attendees asking for activities and places to stay in Belize.


The Travel and Adventure Shows, create destination awareness, capture mind share, and generate leads by attracting serious travelers who are already in the planning stage of the travel purchase process. This event strives to foster a healthy environment for business to client or business to business organizations all across the globe. The event provides a unique opportunity where travel meets trade which enables networking, negotiating and conducting business. As a result, the Travel & Adventure Shows are strategically positioned in nine of the country’s top gateway markets that offer easy access to airlift and contain large populations with above-average disposable incomes. 

The list of contacts will be emailed to our BHA members this week. We ask our membership to reach out to these persons who are looking forward to receiving more information about Belize and your property.